Georgetown Limo • Hot Spots

Georgetown, KY is a beautiful city loaded with history in its midst. As of 2014 it had a population of 31, 653. It is the home of the liberal arts college Georgetown College. It is best known as the current home of actor Steve Zahn. The folks over at Georgetown are known for their simple lifestyles and love for horses. There are a ton sites to see in Georgetown, such as Evans Orchard & Cider Mill and Ward Hall. It also has a prominent Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky which builds Camrys, Avalons, and more. If you're looking to really experience Kentucky at its finest but without the hustle and bustle of the city, then Georgetown is absolutely the place that you want to check out. There are a great number of places to shop to buy some neat, historic souveniers, as well as some excellent restaurants and bars in the great city of Georgetown. Here are some of our favorite places to grab a bite to eat, or to sit down for a drink in Georgetown.

O'Charley's Restaurant & Bar

100 Osborne Way, Georgetown KY 40325


O'Charley's is a charming establishment in the heart of Georgetown which will remind you of sitting back at home with your family enjoying a nice home cooked meal. They pull from their classic roots in order to provide a meal that will comfort and fill you up. Their Southern Hospitality really shows through from the minute you walk through the door, as they welcome you with a warm smile and provide you with top-tier service. A meal at O'Charley's is a truly unforgettable experience. Their passion for food and the customer constantly shines through. Don't forget to try their Spicy Jack cheese wedges and their famous O'Charley's Chicken Tenders.

Rodney's On Broadway

222 N Broadway St, Georgetown KY 40324


If you're looking for an atmospheric, historic place to grab a delicious meal, and some excellent drinks, then Rodney's on Broadway is the place for you. It's themed as the "best that The Bluegrass has to offer." The structure itself looks like an old home, and on the inside it has been repurposed as one of the best restaurants you've ever been to. The dining room displays art from some of the best local artists, and creates an unforgettable atmosphere. They have an excellent wine menu that tastes unbelievable. They also have some delicious, expertly crafted menu items. We strongly recommend the Maine Lobster Tail to start with, and the Grouper Picatta for your entree.

Local Feed

214 S Water St, Georgetown KY 40324


Being in Kentucky, there are no shortage of excellent restaurants serving traditional Southern Comfort foods, but Local Feed is one restaurant that stands apart from all of the rest. Perhaps it's the uncanny passion that each and every worker in the restaurant seems to have for their jobs -- from the servers to the cooks, everyone seems to have a clear passion for what they do and customer service. Or perhaps it's whatever their secret it is for making some of the most expertly crafted Southern cooking we have ever tried. Whatever it is, there is something that Local Feed does right that makes it stand above all of the rest, and it is a place that you simply must try. We strongly recommend the Chicken 'N Dumplings and the Deviled Eggs.

The Julian's

751 Slone Dr, Georgetown KY 40324


Sometimes when you're looking for a place to eat, it can be pretty hard to decide exactly what it is that you want to eat. That's why buffets are such a great place to eat, because you get to eat all sorts of different dishes and only have to pay one flat rate. The Julian's is one of the best buffets in the area. They serve remarkably good Cuban cuisine that will leave your mouth watering, and you won't ever want to leave. The Julian's is modestly sized but the buffet is anything but modest. They have everything from sweet potato and yuca fries to baked chicken, to some delicious creme caramel. The Julian's is a place you definitely need to check out if you are a fan of Cuban food.

La Antiqua Mexican

1002 Lexington Rd, Georgetown KY 40324


Largely considering by many to be the best Mexican food in Georgetown, La Antigua Mexican never ceases to live up to that title. Their food is expertly crafted, and diverse. The food tastes incredibly and authentically Mexican -- the tortillas warm, and the Chimichangas perfectly fried. Their wait staff is expedient and friendly as they possibly could be. La Antigua is a unique restaurant that is unparalleled by any Mexican restaurants in the Georgetown area, or the Lexington area for that matter. Our favorite dishes at La Antigua include the Beef Chimi Mexicano and the Spinach and Mushroom Enchilada. Don't forget to get a delicious margarita!

Sapporo Steakhouse

108 Osbourne Way Ste 4, Georgetown KY 40324


There's not much better than some delicious food from a great Japanese Steakhouse. Their hibachi grill is to die for, with unparalleled, fresh fish that is cooked to perfection. They also have a sushi bar with some incredible specialty rolls that will make you want to keep coming back, as well as the traditional rolls that you know and love. The chefs are great fun and very entertaining, and the waiters and waitresses are very knowledgeable and friendly. The indoor koi pond is a lot of fun as well. We strongly recommend their Goyza and really anything from the sushi menu -- you can't go wrong here!